Product Warranties


How Warranty Claims Are Filed and Processed

HeyBoard provides a limited warranty for our products. If you think the situation is in line with the warranty policy, please submit the warranty claim form below. Provide us with as much detailed information as possible so that we can evaluate your request. 

The warranty product must be shipped back to our warehouse for inspection. You will be responsible for paying the shipping cost of the returned merchandise. Shipping costs are not refundable. If you want to return higher-priced goods, you should consider using a traceable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. Since the transportation involves a third party, we cannot absolutely guarantee that we will receive your returned items.

After receiving and reviewing your return, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned product. According to HeyBoard's sole discretion, we reserve the right to professionally repair or replace defective parts or products with equivalent products. Repairs and replacements can take up to 15 days to complete. Upon completion, the product will be returned to you at the cost of HeyBoard.

2 YEARS Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) from date of purchase. We guarantee that there will be no abnormal defects in workmanship and materials during this period. We reserve the right to professionally repair defective parts or products or replace them with equivalent products at our own discretion, without you having to pay any fees. This warranty for paddle boards and inflatable paddle boards (iSUP) does not cover the following claim conditions:

  • Damage or defect caused by normal wear and tear;
  • Damage or defects caused by hitting any material or object (rocks, docks, other wooden boards, etc.);
  • Damage or defect caused by use beyond the intended purpose;
  • Damage or defect caused by transportation, loading, unloading, falling or water treatment. Including traces left by excessive tightening of the conveyor belt;
  • Damage or defects caused by improper storage at temperatures above 90°F and below 32°F;
  • Damage or defects caused by wave impact and/or impact with the ocean/lake bottom;
  • Damage or defects caused by heel dents are also called pressure dents;
  • Damage or defects caused by storing the circuit board in a closed, damp condition (such as a wet cardboard bag);
  • Damage or defect caused by overheating due to exposure to direct sunlight when not in use;
  • Damage to the fin or fin box due to impact on the fin;
  • Boards used in rental, commercial or teaching environments;

30 Days Manufacturer Limited Warranty on all paddles/bags/leashes/pumps/ from date of purchase.

The warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by improper storage, misuse, or improper handling of accessories; tearing or holes caused by improper handling or abuse, damage caused by zipper damage, fading or wear caused by improper care or misuse.


Thank you for choosing our products, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will promptly feedback to you.